Packet Focus: Ranger School Training Packet

RAP Week Ruck…

By Rob Shaul

Ranger School is a right of passage and badge of professional excellence for Infantry.

The fitness programming to prepare athletes for Ranger School has two distinct missions:

(1) Prepare athletes for the intensity and specific physical gates of RAP week.

(2) Prepare athletes’ physical and mental stamina, endurance, durability and resiliency for the long “grind” during the multiple Ranger School phases, afterward.

The six training plans contained within the Ranger School Training Packet detail 43 weeks (approx 9.5 months) of training in with these two missions at the forefront.

The first 5 training plans introduce athletes to the intensity of MTI programming and build the foundation fitness, durability and resiliency.

You’ll begin with the MTI Military On-Ramp Training Plan which will introduce you to the intensity and scope of MTI programming and lay the base for the following programming.

The next four plans in the packet, Humility, Fortitude, Valor and Gratitude come from our Virtue Series of training plans which were originally deployed as day-to-day fitness for SOF and have since evolved and been updated to represent the latest elements of MTI’s programming approach for military athletes.

These four training plans are potent tools which work progressively together to build your physical and mental fitness, durability and resiliency moving toward Ranger School.

Directly before Ranger School, you’ll complete the Ranger School Training Plan which is laser-focused on preparing you to pass the gates during RAP week, including the Ranger PFT and 12-mile ruck, and build your endurance/stamina for the months at Ranger School that follow. We’re on Version 3 of this plan – just updated in July, 2017.

This packet is organized so that each plan will builds fitness for the next. The purpose is to build sufficient fitness to complete Ranger School regardless of the athlete’s incoming fitness level.


The six plans, in the order you’ll complete them are listed below. 

(1) Military On-Ramp – Bodyweight Strength, Gym-Based Strength, sprint interval work capacity, ruck runs with increasing weight and unloaded running intervals. The place to start with MTI Programming for Military Athletes. 5 day/week training plan.

(2) Humility – Limited Equipment Training Plan with slight endurance emphasis. Bodyweight strength endurance and dumbbell strength progression. Loaded (25# or IBA) running and unloaded running. Chassis Integrity work. Humility has a “hardening” effect on athletes who complete it. 5 day/week training plan.

(3) Fortitude – Heavy gym-based strength, unloaded running and ruck running. Unloaded running and rucking intervals, gym-based Strength, Work Capacity, and Chassis Integrity. 5 day/week training plan.

(4) Valor– Work capacity and speed over ground focused training plan which continues gym-based strength work and Chassis Integrity Development.  5 day/week training plan.

(5) GratitudeStrong endurance and stamina emphasis. Heavy, barbell-focused strength work. Endurance deploys gym-based endurance, unloaded running, and ruck running. Bumps up to 6 days/week.

(6) Ranger School Training Plan – Specific training for Ranger School PFT, Running, Rucking, and Work Capacity.

It’s very important you complete the final, Ranger School Training Plan the 8 weeks directly before you report for reporting. This plan includes a taper, so there’s no need to take rest week after it’s completion.


What equipment is required?

Click the individual training plan links below to find the specific equipment requirements for each training plan. In general, Humility and the final Ranger School Training Plan are limited equipment training plans. Fortitude, Valor and Gratitude require a fully-equipped functional fitness gym: Fully Equipped Functional Fitness Gym including barbells, racks, bumper plates, sandbags (40# for women, 60# for men), Dumbbells and/or kettlebells, plyo boxes, etc.

All the training plans include rucking, so you’ll need a ruck and up to 65# of filler/load. Other equipment includes a stop watch and foam roller.

Option is a gps watch for measuring running and rucking distance.

Again, click the individual training plans below to see the required equipment for each:

Who is this plan appropriate for?
Military athletes attending Ranger School in the next 6-12 months.

What if I don’t have 42 weeks before attending Ranger School?
It’s important you begin this programming with the Military On-Ramp Training Plan and finish with the Ranger School Training Plan directly before Ranger School – this is 14 weeks of training. Fill in the time you have between with first Humility, then Fortitude, then Valor, etc. We can help with specific guidance and planning. Please email

How long will I have access to these training plans.
Forever, or as long as MTI is in business, whichever comes first. You will also get access to any updates we make to the training plans.

Can I see sample training?
To see/experience the first week of programming for each of these training plans click on the individual training plans above, and then click the “Sample Training” tab to see the entire first week of programming.

I don’t want the entire packet of plans. Can I purchase the plans individually?
Yes. Click the plan links above to purchase individually.

The price for this packet of plans, $209, represents a 30% savings over the combined price of the individual plans.

Questions? Email