Packet Focus: Military Athlete Greek Hero Packet

By Rob Shaul

The Greek Hero Packet of training plans represents the latest evolution of our Fluid Periodization to programming for military athletes and is a worthy younger brother of our thought-leading “Virtue” packet of training plans.

The six Greek Hero Plans, Hector, Apollo, Achilles, Ulysses, Perseus and Actaeon together represent 42 weeks of programmed and periodized military athlete strength and conditioning and train these fitness attributes concurrently:

  • Relative Strength
  • Work Capacity
  • TAC SEPA (Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility)
  • Chassis Integrity (functional, transferable mid section strength and strength endurance)
  • Military Endurance (unloaded and loaded running, rucking and ruck running)

Each of these plans was completed by the tactical “Lab Rats” at our Jackson Facility, and in addition to solid tactical fitness, together they address the “burden of constant fitness” faced by military athletes. Military athletes can never truly be out of shape, which means they must constantly train. MTI tactical programming keeps athletes fit for their work, but also provide the variety needed to keep training fresh and interesting.

All the plans in this series are 7 weeks long (including an assessment/unload week) and train 5 days/week.

More on the Plans: