How To Choose a Training Plan – General Fitness

Pro Mountain Guide Sheldon and Sponsored Mountain Athlete Ryan train rotational chassis integrity with the sandbag keg lift.

By Rob Shaul

Are you training for specific event? (Obstacle Race, Marathon, BJJ, etc.)

Are you looking for an all around fitness program, or do you need to improve in a specific area?
All Around Program
I have an area to work on.


I have an injury, or limited equipment to train with.

I still can’t find what I need!

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What is the difference between purchasing an individual training plan, packet of plans or an Athlete’s Subscription?
  • Plan – Like purchasing the DVD of the first Star Wars movie. You own it forever, including any updates we make to the plan.
  • Packet – Like purchasing the DVD’s of all the Star Wars movies. You own them forever, including any updates we make to the plans.
  • Athlete’s Subscription – Like subscribing to Netflix. You get access to all 200+ plan in our library, but lose access if you unsubscribe.