Programming Courses

Mountain Tactical Institute’s programming is amazing. I used to coach Crossfit and have been through tons of different programming, but I’ve never worked through a plan this precise.”


Online Course

MTI offers several programming courses online. Read More Here.

Custom Courses

We offer 4x Specific course you can custom schedule for your unit or training facility/coaches:

  • Advanced Programming Course – Tactical (3 Days)
  • Advanced Programming Course – Mountain (3 Days)
  • Soldier-Athlete Certification Course (3 Days)
  • Unit Fitness Leader Course – Military (2 Days)
  • Unit Fitness Leader Course – Fire/Rescue (2-Days)
  • Unit Fitness Leader Course – Law Enforcement (2-Days)


We require a minimum of 10 students to travel for a course.

We can also develop a custom course, based on your needs to include day-to-day strength and conditioning programming design, Range Fitness program design, sport-specific and selection specific program design, PFT design, etc.

For Prices and Course Schedules Email: