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High Stakes LE Fitness Tests for Full Time Officers

By Rob Shaul In the US, I could find only two high stakes LE fitness tests for full-time officers. The first is with the Suquamish Police Department, in Suquamish, Washington, population 4,100. The second is Colorado Springs Police Department. By “High Stakes” I’m referring to required fitness assessments for full time officers, the failure of […]

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Why is the Cooper Fitness Test Used by Law Enforcement Agencies?

By Rob Shaul Why is the Cooper Institute Physical Fitness Test Used by Law Enforcement Agencies? The quick answer is legal liability. Years of litigation over law enforcement agency hiring decisions have required agencies which do use fitness tests for academy slots and/or department-wide fitness assessments to gravitate toward the Cooper Test. Today, at the […]

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Nutrition for an Alaska Ski Mountaineering 1 Day Push

By Rob Shaul One of my sponsored athletes, Jessica Baker, is planning for a May ski mountaineering attempt of University Peak in Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias Range. Jessica is sponsored by Outdoor Research and Dynastar, among others, and is an Exum Guide, backcountry ski guide and ski instructor trainer at the Jackson Hole Mountain resort, Alaska […]

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