MTI Shooting School Guide

By Charles Bausman

MTI is pleased to unveil it’s first version of our nation-wide shooting school guide.

The purpose of this guide is to provide a resource for law enforcement and military personnel seeking a shooting school which will provide the instruction and expertise specific to the needs of their department or unit.

In our research, we discovered many shooting schools were chosen because of personal connections and/or unit tradition. Given the wide variance in shooting instruction quality, we felt there should be a better way. Our hope is this guide is a step in that direction.

We’ve worked for several months to compile information from shooting schools around the country and upload them in to a easy to use system.

How We Built the Guide

We researched shooting schools in all fifty states who offer training specific for the law enforcement and military communities, compiling information available on the business websites.

  • We purposely left out shooting schools and instructors who work with civilians, but not military or LE personnel.
  • We began our information collecting by gleaning what information we could from the school’s website.

After all of the website information was compiled, we reach out to each individual school via email and follow up phone calls to verify their information and ask if the company wanted to include any additional information or services.

Only half of the schools we reached out to bothered to respond.

As you will see when you review the guide, the information on those schools which did respond is much more detailed. We kept the information pulled from websites for the companies that were not able to or chose not to respond.

Following this, the information was built in to a program which was able to provide a map overlay with each school geolocated. The software is simple to use, and hopefully will provide a tool to help those units determining which school to attend.

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How to Navigate the Guide
Below you will find the map overlaid with the location of the schools and basic contact information. If you want to locate schools nearest to you, plug in your zip code on the top bar and the desired radius distance.

By clicking on the name of the school in the map pop up, you will find details on instructors, weapons platform focus, facility description, and multiple other items which will help in determining which school is most appropriate for your needs.

For detailed instructions on how to use the guide, CLICK HERE.