How To Use the MTI Shooting School Guide


The initial page displays all of the shooting school’s on the left scroll down column, and a geolocated map of all schools on a U.S. Map.

You can zoom in on the map, scroll down on the left column, or enter your zip code and desired distance radius to find school’s nearest to you.

Click on the map items or the school name in the left column to bring up a map pop up of the school.



Once you have clicked on the school on the left column or on the map, a pop up will appear over the school’s location with basic contact information. Click on the school name in the map pop up to bring you to a page which provides details on the school’s capabilities.



This is where you will find detailed information on the school. Contact information, facility and instructor descriptions, weapons platform and employment focus, and other details to help you determine which school is right for your units training. If information is blank, it was not provided by the school or they did not respond to verify information.


Any questions on how to use the guide?

Are you a school owner and want to change/add your school’s information? Or … are you a school owner and want your school added?